european sports car having exhaust modification installed Upgrades
June 28, 2020

8 Modifications To Take Your Car’s Performance To The Next Level

As car enthusiasts, we can never surely turn down the opportunity of extra power and quicker lap times. Indeed, your daily driver may already be something quite sporty, but the…

Porsche models Uncategorised
May 11, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Porsche Models

The Ultimate Guide to Porsche Models The German luxury car Porsche first hit the market back in 1931. Very quickly, it earned a reputation for being a status symbol, as…

mercedes-benz-badge Uncategorised
February 7, 2020

The Best Mercedes Benz Models of all Time

Mercedes-Benz has remained true to it’s “the best or nothing” slogan, delivering ground-breaking innovations in most of its automotive creations over the years. Therefore, it’s selection of legendary cars, SUVs,…

vehicle maintenance Servicing
January 2, 2020

Essential Car Maintenance – Tips For Making Your Car Last Longer

If you’ve ever had the nightmare experience of buying a car that’s a total lemon, you’ll surely know the value of regular car maintenance.  Keeping your car well maintained is…

Mercedes Benz Repair Shop ServicingWarranty
December 28, 2019

Using an Independent Mercedes Benz Mechanic that Won’t Void Your Warranty

There’s a common myth that taking your Mercedes Benz to an independent mechanic will void your warranty. This is simply not true. But it does need to be taken to…

September 6, 2019

Servicing Your Mercedes: What To Know

Nothing says class, sophistication and style quite like a Mercedes Benz. The iconic brand is known for offering a smooth ride and amazing features that keep owners in total comfort….

August 23, 2019

Performance upgrades FAQ

Driving a luxury performance car provides an unrivalled experience that is rarely forgotten. But did you know that you can take things to a whole new level? Friendly professionals can…

August 9, 2019

BMW Servicing Guide

If you have just purchased a brand new BMW, then there are a few things that you should get under your belt before you zoom off. Besides adjusting to an…