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If you have just purchased a brand new BMW, then there are a few things that you should get under your belt before you zoom off. Besides adjusting to an amazing driving experience, you’ll want to come to terms with the basics around servicing. To make things easy for you, the team at Euro Motorsport have answered some of the most important questions. We will take a look at servicing schedules, common problems and faults, warranty information and more. Buckle up as we run you through the basics of BMW maintenance. 

How often should I service my BMW?

Regularly servicing your BMW is important if you want to maintain a smooth driving experience well into the future. It’s also vital to protect your warranty and to maintain your vehicle’s resale value further down the track. 

Our recommendation is to service your BMW every 10,000 kms. But keep in mind that there are several factors that can impact this. Your driving style and the climate that you live in are two such examples. Drivers who regularly hit top speeds on open highways will need to pay a little more attention to brake pads, while anyone travelling on rocky roads should be mindful of suspension issues. Harsh external conditions can also create a raft of issues for your motor. Hot weather can tax your cooling system while cold climates can strain your gear box. Either way, it’s a good idea to regularly book in for a service with a trusted professional who can identify any problems. 

What special services do BMWs require?

BMWs benefit from special BMW service upgrade that take into account components that are prone to deterioration. System upgrades can replace delicate mechanical parts and can extend the life of your vehicle.

Are there any common problems that BMWs encounter?

BMWs are exceptionally well made and offer a fantastic driving experience. Like any design, however, they do face some common problems that can turn into a headache for owners over time. Complications that BMWs can encounter vary widely and can include issues with electrical wiring, windows, power steering, door locks, ignition modules, injectors and more. It’s also worth keeping an eye on your transmission too. While the above is by no means an exhaustive list, it can act as a point of focus going forward.  

Will using a non-BMW garage void my warranty?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to visit a BMW garage in order to protect your warranty. Many people falsely think that working with mechanics from their dealership is a requirement. In fact, you can take your BMW to any qualified mechanic for service as long as they use quality parts and fill out your warranty logbook accordingly. They don’t need to use an official dealership stamp either.

Not only are independent repair centres accepted under warranty, but they also offer a range of advantages. Customers can look for cheaper service costs by shopping around and they can also work with professionals who they trust and know personally. 

Note: As an exception, extended warranties may require you to use a dealership mechanic to protect warranty.

Service for peace of mind

Book your luxury car in for a service with a team of dedicated experts who live for European luxury cars. Euro Motorsport uses the finest quality products and treats each job with a keen dedication to achieve the best results. Call our friendly team today and trust that you are in good hands.

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