Upgrade Your ECU To Take Your Car Far Beyond The Standard Factory Tuning

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Engine and transmission tuning that kicks your car’s performance up a notch (or three)

Never heard of Hex Tuning? It’s a powerful way to unlock a new level of performance and driveability from your sports car.

Hex Tuning uses the state-of-the-art equipment to develop and test effective ECU software upgrades. In other words, we tap into your car’s computer and electronics to unlock performance by reconfiguring certain elements of the software.

This means you can get more power and drivability WITHOUT having to install new components in your engine or chassis.

ECU manufacturers, like Siemens and Bosch, use a range of complex microprocessors in their systems. We can access these microprocessors through the OBD2 (diagnostic port) or the manufacturer’s access port on the ECU itself.

In plain language, this is like keyhole performance enhancing surgery on your car’s brain.

We perform Hex Tuning in two key ways.

We Service

ECU (Engine Control Unit) Tuning

ECU tuning is the science of refining your engine’s factory calibration to enhance power and torque.

The manufacturer sets the engine performance with a series of functions, rules and data in the ECU software.

Often, these settings are on the conservative side. Meaning you’re not necessarily getting the most performance from your car straight out of the factory — even if it is a high-spec sports vehicle.

So the first part of the Euro Motorsport Hex Tuning program is to look at your car’s ECU.

We carefully analyse your computer’s data and then adjust the settings to safely increase overall power and throttle response.

Our aim here is to produce a noticeable lift in driving pleasure for you.

TCU (Transmission Control Unit) Tuning

The other site of our Hex Tuning program is to offers you a variety of enhancements through your transmission controller.

Depending on the make and model — we work with applications such as DSG (VAG Dual Clutch), SMG, DCT (BMW Dual Clutch) or R-Tronic (Audi pneumatic clutch) — we can lower your shift times and boost your acceleration.

A TCU upgrade can reduce gear selection and shift times.

Because when you’re targeting optimum performance, time spent BETWEEN gears is time you could be spending getting power down.

Our veteran performance car technicians offer you the highest level of knowledge and service available for your car.

Whether you simply wish to keep your car running smoothly and on-schedule with its servicing…

Or you want to radically upgrade your vehicle to enhance performance for on-track competition…

Euro Motorsport guarantees a premium performance service you will not find anywhere else in Australia.

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