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Euro Motorsport is proud to be the only official Australian partner of California’s leading supercharger specialist


Want your car running at absolute peak performance on the road or track? Allow us to introduce our friends at VF Engineering.

Part of running a top-tier performance car workshop is networking with the right specialists the world over.

California’s VF Engineering is our supercharger partner.

Most people think turbocharging is the best route to take if you want to unlock peak performance from a sports car or supercar.

But VF Engineering has a different take on it.

They’ve made a name for themselves for their different approach to forced induction for super sports cars.

While turbos can add insane amounts of power, VF Engineering favours supercharging.

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Why go supercharger over turbo?

Because supercharging gives you a more linear power band.

This company is doing some very interesting work with this overlooked technology.

They’ve just finished work on the very first supercharged Lamborghini Huracan.

Every part, line of code or supercharger system that leaves with the VF label represents the pinnacle of design, engineering and performance.

Using their components on your car quite simple means it will run to the highest level possible.

Even after years of spirited use, more than 93 percent of VF Engineering’s supercharging systems are still running strong, many on their second and third owners.

That’s a testament to the solid design and robust fabrication these guys offer.

Their facility measures about 1400 square metres and includes a Mustang AWD 500 chassis dyno, four Hunter lifts, R&D room with a rapid prototyper, and a clean room for ECU board work.

They are, simple, among the best in the world at creating bespoke supercharging systems.

If you are interested in exploring the supercharging route for your performance car, we will bring VF Engineering in to ensure you get the absolute highest level.

It’s part of our commitment to giving you the best technology and expertise to unlock your dream driving experience.

Whether you simply wish to keep your car running smoothly and on-schedule with its servicing…

Or you want to radically upgrade your vehicle to enhance performance for on-track competition…

Euro Motorsport guarantees a premium performance service you will not find anywhere else in Australia.

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