The Ultimate Guide to Porsche Models

Porsche models

The Ultimate Guide to Porsche Models

The German luxury car Porsche first hit the market back in 1931. Very quickly, it earned a reputation for being a status symbol, as it epitomizes elegance and sleek sophistication. The Porsche is more than just eye candy, though. Their vehicles are powerful and provide precision handling that few other brands can rival.

Porsche has spent the past few years proving that they’re no slouch in the area of four-door vehicles either. They have popular SUVs now, like the Cayenne and Macan, and also sedans like the Panamera. The addition of these models to their showrooms has increased their profit margin significantly and helped to stabilize them as leaders in the auto industry the world over.

What follows is a brief guide to some of the more popular Porsche models that are on the market today. If you are looking for a high-end vehicle, one of these might appeal to you. As you’re trying to choose among them, think about what your daily needs are. If you have a large family or you often find yourself driving friends around, think about a sedan or SUV. If you usually need transportation for just you and one other person, then a traditional two-door model might be more to your liking.

With proper Porsche servicing and maintenance, any of these models will prove to be some of the best sports cars on the road. Porsche have cultivated a cult like legion of fans for good reason, with their superb weight distribution, air cooled engines, comfort and driveability, they are the perfect sports for the any man. 

The 718 Cayman

This could be regarded as an entry-level sports car. It’s luxurious but doesn’t have quite as many bells and whistles as some of its competitors. It has two doors and seats, and it boasts excellent handling and balance.

The latest models feature turbocharged four-cylinder motors. The base model has a 2.0 L boxer-four. That’s good for 300 horsepower and 280-pound feet. The base model will cost you $56,900. If you upgrade to the 718 Cayman S, it will run you $69,300, but that comes with a turbocharged 2.5 L boxer-four. That gets you an impressive 350 horsepower and 309-pound feet. Either one of those trims (style packages) can be paired with the six-speed manual or the seven-speed PDK.

If you want a coupe-style sports car, it’s hard to argue with the 718 Cayman. It combines power with speed in an aesthetically-pleasing package that’s guaranteed to turn some heads.  

red Porsche 718 Cayman

The 718 Boxster

You might be familiar with this term; it’s a combination of “roadster” and “boxer.” In the late 1990s, this model was all the rage, a soft-top two-seater model that was featured in plenty of action movies and video games.

The current version is similar to the Cayman, except that the Boxster still comes with the soft top versus the hard one. There are two versions between which you can choose, the regular Boxster and the S model. The first will cost you $59,000, which is a steal for a sports car. The real difference between the two models is in the boxer-four’s power. The regular Boxster comes with the turbocharged 2.0 L boxer-four, while the S model gets you the 2.5 L version.

It’s hard to find a better convertible than the 718 Boxster. Bentley and Audi have models that aren’t too far off in terms of design, but the Boxster outshines them in several crucial areas. A Boxter that has had regular transmission servicing drives like an absolute dream, with proper car maintenance, these beasts hold their age well.

Porsche 718 BoxsterThe 911 Carrera

When you think of the “classic” Porsche model, this might be what comes to mind. The 911 is a two-door model with rear engine performance. The Carrera is the base model, and it has 370 horsepower. The Carrera S is the upgraded version, which bumps up the HP to 420. There are also “4” versions that add all-wheel drive instead of four-wheel if that’s important to you.

The Carrera also comes in a convertible model, the Cabriolet. You can get any of these versions with a PDK or a manual, whichever is your preference. For the base 911 model, expect to pay $91,100. That’s still a steal, as you’re driving off the lot with a twin-turbocharged 3.0 L boxer-six under the hood for less than $100k.


The New Carrera 911 S

There is also the new 992 generation of the classic Carrera. These new models start at $113,300, but for that extra cash, you get 443 HP and 22 pound-feet of torque more than the traditional 911, for a total of 390. The difference that makes is in the area of acceleration. The 911 4S will take you from zero to sixty in 4.0 seconds on a straightaway, which is highly impressive, but the 992 model will get the job done in a blistering 3.4 seconds.

Keep in mind with this model that for the moment, you can only get it with an eight-speed PDK. However, if you would prefer a manual version, expect one to be hitting the market soon.


Other 911 Models

There are also multiple other 911 models on the market at the moment, including the Carrera T, Targa, GTS, Turbo, Speedster, GT3, and GT2 RS. These vary in terms of horsepower, pound-feet, and stylistically as well.

The most expensive, and arguably most impressive Carrera model available at the moment, has to be the GT2 RS. The base model will lighten your pockets by $293,200. For the price, though, you’ll get an astounding 690 horsepower and twin-turbo 3.8 L boxer six. It will take you from 0-60 in 2.7 seconds flat, and it has a top speed of 211 mph.

This model is not for the faint-of-heart, but if you want to treat yourself, you’ll quickly find that this is one of the foremost precision driving machines in the world, a near-miracle of engineering.  For real Porsche enthusiasts a euro car upgrade performed on a 911 can increase it’s overall performance drastically.


The Panamera

If you are more in the market for a four-door luxury sedan with a front-engine design, consider the Panamera. You’ll get a 3.0 L6 engine that’s good for 330 horsepower. It is available in both AWD and RWD. There are also two S versions that have more horsepower and faster acceleration.

There are three body styles for the Panamera, a Sport Turismo, which is like a station wagon, a standard fastback sedan, and the Executive model, which has an extra-long wheelbase. For the taller individual who is in the market for this model, that third option is probably the way to go.

The base MSRP for the Panamera is $86,300, and it goes up from there if you want the add-ons. The Panamera GTS is also available if you want a higher-performance trim. It comes with a 4.0 L V8, which is good for 453 HP. It will run you $128,300 for the base model. There is the Panamera Turbo as well. It will cost you $151,500, and it packs 550 HP. You can get it in all three body styles.

You can also get the Panamera as an E-Hybrid. These come in two different versions, the 4 range and the Turbo S range. The base MSRP for the 4 range is $102,900, and it packs 457 HP from a 2.9 L V6.

Block porsche panamera

The Macan

Next up is the Macan, which could be considered the entry-level edition of Porsche’s compact crossover SUV. The base has 248 HP and a 2.0 L inline-four. It goes from 0-60 in 6.3 seconds, which isn’t too shabby for an SUV. The base MSRP is $49,900, while the S version goes for $58,600. With the S, you get 348 HP and a 3.0 L V6. It goes from 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. All Macan models have a PDK transmission, so keep that in mind if you’re intent on getting yourself a manual.

Porschew Macan next to lakeThe Cayenne

Another popular option if you need a more substantial vehicle but you want Porsche’s sleek lines and unrivaled power is the Cayenne. It provides true midsize luxury, with a Turbo V6 that gives you 335 HP. The S model gets you 434 HP with a twin-turbo V6. The base MSRP will run you $65,700. This model also comes in an E-Hybrid version.

The Cayenne, probably more than any of the other Porsche models currently available, shares a lot of integrated features with some of the Volkswagen vehicles, such as the Touareg. If you look at the Audi Q8 and the Lamborghini Urus, you will see some similarities there as well.   

The Cayenne Coupe

The word “coupe” might be a bit of stretch here, as this vehicle is, in actuality, a four-door SUV. This is the newest and possibly trendiest addition to the Cayenne line, with a rakish, sporty back end and multiple trim levels. It’s a fastback SUV model, and it looks a bit more like the traditional Porsche than the standard Cayenne.

The standard version comes with a turbocharged 3.0 L V6, while the S has a twin-turbocharged 2.9 L V6 for some extra power. The base model starts at $75,300, and the S and Turbo versions go up from there.

There you have it: a brief excursion through the showroom of current Porsche models. Think about how much you’re willing to spend, and what your day-to-day activities look like, and then pick the one that makes the most sense for you. Whichever you choose, one fact is undeniable: with one of these powerful, well-crafted machines parked in your driveway, you’re going to be the envy of the neighborhood.    


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