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By July 26, 2019Warranty

Having a beautiful luxury car is something that brings a great deal of joy to drivers all across Australia and beyond. For exceptional handling, powerful engines, exquisite interiors and more, you simply can’t go wrong. But while hitting the open road can be a world of fun, dealing with expensive repairs can be a little tricky. One common misnomer amongst car owners is that they need to go to a dealership garage to protect their warranty. Many people are similarly unaware of the advantages associated with going to independent mechanics. To help you better understand your car’s warranty, we have taken the time to share our knowledge on the issue. Read on below to learn more.

What does my warranty cover?

Remember those amazing breaks that you love? Or that turning circle that makes navigating corners a dream? Don’t forget the electrical system running throughout your front cabin. A warranty will cover the repair bill across all of these things and more, provided that you abide by the rules or requirements laid out by the manufacturer. Whether it’s regular servicing that ensures parts are well maintained or comprehensive tests that detect small issues before they become big ones, you’ll want to protect your car with a warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty will remain intact as long as you live up to your end of the bargain.

Where do I need to take my car to protect my warranty?

This is the tricky part and no; the answer isn’t always what you may have heard. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to go to a certified repair centre in order to protect their warranty. This isn’t the case. Car owners are entitled to seek the service of any qualified mechanic and will still enjoy the same comprehensive protection. What matters is that your car is serviced according to the schedule outlined in the owner’s manual. You will also need to ensure that quality parts are used when it comes to repairs and to make sure that your chosen mechanic fills out your logbook. 

Tip: Your mechanic doesn’t need to have an authorised dealer stamp.

Keep in mind that in some cases you will need to have your car serviced through an official dealership to protect your warranty. This applies to extended warranties.  

What are the advantages of going with an independent service centre?

Taking your vehicle to an independent service centre means that customers can shop around for competitive prices. Vehicle owners can research which provider works best with their budget and they can avoid getting stuck with lock-in fees. This is important because in some instances dealerships will charge a higher price for their services compared to independent mechanics. Another advantage of going independent is that you can find professional and friendly experts who live and breathe luxury European cars. You’ll enjoy a specialised service from someone who has experience and knowledge in their field. There’s also the convenience factor of traveling somewhere local, as opposed to going to a workshop some distance away.

Our verdict

Be sure to safeguard your driving experience by always protecting your warranty. Doing so will keep your vehicle safe and your mind at ease for years to come. While some dealers may steer you towards their own repair centres, there is no reason why you can’t look somewhere else for a better deal. Euro Motorsport offers a specialised repair service for luxury cars that you will truly appreciate. We value our customers and always work hard to ensure that each and every job is completed to a fantastic level. Make the decision to invest in your vehicle by contacting us today.    

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