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A Workshop Like No Other

State-of-the-Art Facilities for Superior Work

Innovating in European Car Servicing

The Euro Motorsport workshop has been specially designed for higher standards of workmanship using top-of-the-line technology and tools.

Raising the Bar

High-Quality Work Completed in a High-Quality Space

At Euro Motorsport, we have long set the industry standard for what a premium workshop should be. Clean, sleek and modern, our workshop is a space befitting your car. We complete all work using the best tools, technology and products to ensure that the results meet our high standards and yours. Whether you’re servicing or upgrading your car, we’re sure you will always love our high-quality workmanship.

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Specialised Engine Workroom

Our dedicated engine and transmission repair room allows us to carefully disassemble, repair and reassemble your car’s engine and transmission in a clean environment that limits the accumulation of harmful foreign particles.

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Dedicated Electric & Hybrid Workbay

Our tailored electric and hybrid vehicle workbay allows us to complete high-quality servicing and repairs on your car safely with all the appropriate tools and technology within easy reach. This ensures that your car’s unique capabilities are just as well looked after as that of traditional combustion cars.

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Advanced Dynamometer Room

Our climate-controlled dynamometer houses one of only three elite Maha MSR500 dynamometers in Australia. This advanced tool allows for accurate measurement of a range of capabilities, for both combustion engines and electric vehicles.

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In-House Software Engineering

Modern car technology has changed the way performance upgrades and services are managed. That’s why we have in-house software engineers to directly alter and improve your car’s software as part of our tuning services.

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Premium Tyre Fitting & Balancing Services

To preserve your car’s rims, including carbon and alloy variants, our high-quality tyre fitting and balancing machines operate with lever-free tyre removal. This avoids direct contact with your rims, while still providing a thorough, fast and reliable assembly and positioning of your tyres.

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Advanced Corner Weight Balancing

Our custom suspension setups and corner weight balancing can improve your lap time on track and improve your car’s everyday capabilities for winding roads. Using premium tools and parts, we can design a suspension setup that allows for the optimal weight distribution.

Check Out Our Workshop

A Unique & Specialised Space

See Our Workshop for Yourself

Our workshop reflects our passion for our work, and we are constantly innovating and upgrading the space for improved productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, we are happy to give customers a tour of the space, allowing you to see the true nature of the service your car will be undergoing.

To book your car in for servicing, repairs or upgrades, or to tour the workshop yourself, contact us.