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We love cars, and we love what we do. We offer euro car upgrades, including ATE brakes and all performance boosters designed to heighten your car’s performance. Whether you’re looking for Maserati, Lamborghini or Ferrari performance breaks, hit the open road or the racetrack with extra power.

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Euro Motorsport’s five key areas of performance upgrades

We’re official ATE brake partners, so you can put your brakes in the hands of a specialist.

High-spec exhaust systems, specifically suited to your car and style.

Pinpoint engine tuning to optimize responsiveness and drivability.

Suspension and braking solutions to make your car as nimble as possible.

Drivetrain and fuel system work to improve speed and power usage

Exhaust Systems

Let’s make your car sing. For the road or the racetrack, we offer a full suite of muffler and exhaust solutions, and we can tailor any high-performance system suited to your vehicle. All euro car upgrades we perform are within your manufacturer’s recommendations. Our promise.

Engine Management

Regular and accurate tuning should be a staple routine in your performance vehicle’s schedule. We offer a high level of tuning to unleash a bolder and braver level of performance. Experience mechanical and software work to give you more aggressive and versatile performance beneath the bonnet.

Brake Upgrades

A fast car is good. But a car that can stop on a dime? Even greater. Braking responsiveness is essential to both performance and safety. We supply, fit and recommend Europes bespoke braking system O-Brake, as well as supplying quality discs, brake pads, caliper pistons and other key components. Maserati to Ferrari performance brakes? Leave it with us.

Sports Suspension

You want to feel the road and respond instantly to your environment, we get it. Our sport suspension systems optimise your vehicle for maximum performance and drivability under braking and through corners.

Turbo and Supercharging

Ready to kick your performance driving experience up a gear? Euro Motorsport use our specialist tuning expertise to provide turbo and supercharging upgrades, using premium and genuine European components and software. Higher horsepower without compromising on fuel efficiency or engine responsiveness? Why not.

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