Using an Independent Mercedes Benz Mechanic that Won’t Void Your Warranty

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There’s a common myth that taking your Mercedes Benz to an independent mechanic will void your warranty. This is simply not true. But it does need to be taken to a Mercedes specialist, as any servicing and most repair work must be in line with Mercedes warranty compliance. 

Let’s face it, Mercedes Benz’s are expensive, they don’t come with a cheap price tag. Your warranty is a safeguard and you want to ensure it is protected under it’s manufacturers warranty. But as well as buying a new Mercedes, having your Mercedes Benz serviced at the dealership also comes at a high price. 

Going through an independent mechanic is a more cost effective method and one that won’t result in the loss of your warranty, provided they are Mercedes Benz specialists.

Most mechanics at independent mechanic shops got their start at dealerships, the path cut by European car independent mechanics is generally quite similar from one to another. After some time, many decide to move on, following in the winds of an entrepreneur and start their own venture or move to an independent shop. 

Your Rights Under the ACCC

With so much hearsay in the air and myths floating around, it’s important to know your consumer rights, directly from the source. Under the ACCC’s consumer rights for purchasing a new car, it states: 

“It (the manufacturer’s warranty) typically allows you to choose your preferred repairer for service and repair, as long as the manufacturer’s maintenance and servicing standards are met”

While it doesn’t state that a manufacturer’s warranty must allow you to choose your preferred repairer, there is a second clause:

“However some manufacturer warranties may require you to return to their dealer network for repairs claimed under warranties.“

Since Mercedes does not stipulate under their warranty that all servicing and rep done through their dealer network, it is not a requirement, and servicing through Mercedes specialist independent mechanics is allowed. 

Common Myths You May Hear

One thing that is pretty much constant between dealerships and Independent Mercedes Benz Mechanics is the price difference, dealerships charge significantly more than local specialised Mercedes Benz repair shops. They are aware of this price difference and you will often hear a number of myths as to why they say you need to go through a dealer. 

Let’s take a look at some of the common myths. 

Independent Mercedes Mechanics Don’t Have The Specialised Diagnostic Computers Needed

This myth easily fools people, but it isn’t true. Many independent Mercedes Benz Mechanics such as Euro Motorsport are well prepared and invested in the correct specialised diagnostic equipment for servicing and repairing European vehicles. Diagnostic software is also licensed by most European car manufacturers to be used by repair shops. 

We Use Oil and Fuel That Only a Dealer Can Obtain

Dealers may tell you that your Mercedes requires special oil and fuel that only a dealer can get. This is nonsense, oils and fuels used in Mercedes Benz’s and other European luxury cars are readily available to the public. 

Independent Mechanics Don’t Have the Same Training That Dealer Mechanics Do

This claim does not stand on it’s own two feet. There are factory training classes available for pretty much every major European vehicle manufacturer today. It’s also worth noting that from our own experience, Independent shops have higher skilled and passionate mechanics than dealers do. 

Only Dealers Can Get Factory Parts

Again, this statement is completely false. There is a massive aftermarket parts distribution for OEM parts, available from many sources. It’s also common to see dealers reaching out to mechanics, offering wholesale replacement parts.

Finding a Quality Mercedes Benz Mechanic That is Able to Maintain Your Warranty

As we mentioned before, while it’s not necessary to go through a dealer, it is necessary to use an independent Mercedes Benz mechanic that follows Mercedes guidelines. 

High Quality Parts

Like many European car manufacturers warranties stipulate, Mercedes Benz warranty states that using low quality or inappropriate replacement parts could violate and void your vehicles warranty. 

It’s important to find a Mercedes Benz mechanic that only uses high quality genuine or OEM parts and components, meeting Mercedes standard. Some mechanics will cut corners, using low quality and low cost parts in order to save money. 

Highly Refined Systems and Processes

In order to keep your warranty, your Mercedes Benz mechanic must ensure their systems and processes are refined enough to meet Mercedes standards. 

The Mercedes mechanics at Euro Motorsport are highly trained in utilizing the latest diagnostic tools and have more than 20 years of specialist experience working with Mercedes and other European performance cars. 



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