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Nothing says class, sophistication and style quite like a Mercedes Benz. The iconic brand is known for offering a smooth ride and amazing features that keep owners in total comfort. Besides boasting fantastic performance across the board, the Mercedes Benz also looks stunning on the road and always turns heads. Let’s take a look at how to go about servicing your luxury vehicle so that you can enjoy jetting off into the sunset for many years to come.

How often should I service?

Always take care of your vehicle by booking in for a regular service. On average, we recommend getting maintenance work done by a trusted professional every 10,000 kms or once a year, depending on what comes first. It is important to maintain scheduled services to ensure that your warranty is protected.

Other issues to take into account include the climate that you live in and also how you actually drive. Hot conditions will put added strain on cooling and ventilation systems which can create internal issues all throughout your Mercedes Benz. Similarly, cold weather can wreak havoc with tired gear boxes and laboured transmission setups. It’s also worth noting your personal driving style. Customers who spend their days manoeuvring through tight city streets may need to have their brakes inspected more often than someone who embarks on long journeys via highways in the countryside.   

What special services do Mercedes require?

Mercedes need a service that caters for issues with overall design and to cater for weak points that are prone to deterioration. Rust in particular is a common problem for owners that can be expensive and difficult to repair. Expert mechanics will always detect and remove rust when it is first noticed to ensure the longevity of a vehicle. 

What common problems do Mercedes encounter?

All car owners come up against a variety of problems over time and the Mercedes is no exception. Look out for issues involving suspension, transmission, steering components, window regulators and general electric circuitry. Engine mounts coming loose and falling off are another common occurrence. Getting on top of these problems early is something that qualified professionals excel at. Doing so can make the difference between maintaining your luxury European car and letting it slowly deteriorate. Take note of these common issues to help safeguard the life of your particular make. 

Will using a non-Mercedes garage void my warranty?

Not at all. Independent mechanics are a great option for vehicle owners and in no way threaten your warranty. In fact, opting for an alternative service to your dealership brings with it several advantages. You will be able to shop around for the best price and you won’t be bound to a set list of services that have no wiggle room. Mercedes owners will also be able to choose someone that they trust to work on their vehicle. And don’t forget the convenience factor that comes from choosing a location that best suits you. Independent mechanics offer great quality on everything that they do and are dedicated to the job at hand. Just ensure that your preferred mechanic is a qualified professional and uses quality parts. You’ll want them to fill out your logbook too. 

Note: It may be necessary to choose a dealership mechanic to protect extended warranties. 

A great alternative

Keep your Mercedes in top shape by calling the expert team at Euro Motorsport. Our professional and friendly mechanics specialise in working with luxury European cars and always deliver exceptional results.

Call us today and let’s chat about how our range of services can match your needs.

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